Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cateyes and Red Lipstick...

I've never not had bangs. Ever. In all of my 32 years.  I always felt that by having a high forehead, I needed bangs.  In the past few years, I've gotten comfortable enough to braid them back, or swoop them to the side. Both of these styles took a lot of wearing them around the house first before I dared to wear them out in public. 

dress: modcloth
cardigan: local shop
tights: joe fresh
shoes: spring shoes
belt: target

I suppose all of this look goes with what I said above: wearing it around the house to get used to the look before daring to wear it out in public.  Cat eyes with eyeliner, red lipstick... both took some getting used to.  I always wore very subtle makeup, neutrals, just to add to my natural look and nothing to bold.  Enter cat eyes and red lipstick, which practically goes hand in hand these days. 


  1. I never comment on your hair, but I always think it looks great. I am pretty envious in fact. The colours in this outfit also seem such a natural match with your hair colour. As ever, you are a real inspiration... Kx

  2. Your hair is so uber pretty like that!!

  3. I think your hair and make up look beautiful! I'm obsessed with that dress! It's pretty nifty! I think I also spotted a She and Him record in the back ground!?

  4. Your hair looks fantastic! Especially with that darling outfit <3

  5. ModernVintageStyle: As always, thank you for the sweet compliments :)

    Marie: This dress is Ah-may-zing. So glad I plunged and ordered it, because I almost didn't. And yes, She & Him in the background ;)

    Melissa & Delores: Thank you ladies!

  6. that is such an awesome thing you did with your hair! and as always, you look gorgeous!