Tuesday, January 14, 2014

1940s hair with a 1950s dress...

As I mentioned yesterday with pin curl styling, today's bangs are just another example of an easy way to switch up your hair with pin curls.  Just by pulling the bangs to the side, and securing them with a bobby pin, I have a completely different look than leaving my bangs down. 

dress: vintage (etsy)
shoes, belt: ruche
tights: target

This dress would probably be easy to style with different colours... yellows, reds... But because there's so many shades of blues in it, I just always end up switching it up with different blues and teals.  I have a few dresses where this is the case, but I'm hoping to eventually get out of that bubble and start being able to style with colours that aren't already in a pattern. 


  1. Love your bangs like that! And sidenote: i wanna steal your couch! ;)

  2. How do you look so perfect all the time? *-* Really adore your style <3

  3. Cute, cute, dress and hair! I'm always re-cutting my bands because the grow out is hard. Your hair style is perfect. Great make-up to. I love vintage so much I even wrote a vintage novel (girlinthejitterbugdress.com) mostly about swing dance, but the characters dress vintage :)

  4. Love your hair like this, and of course, I do love this dress :)

    xox Sammi

  5. Well, aren't you just a peach! I love the hair and outfit :)


  6. You're such a doll! I love you hair and that dress is gorgeous!