Monday, January 13, 2014

Pies & Pin Curls...

Months after purchasing this dress, I'm still loving it.  I still could wear it everyday.  And ladies, guess what? It's back in stock (again!).  So don't do like I did, and miss out on it, only to stalk modcloth every day for months, waiting for one to come back in stock in your size. Order it now, because you definitely will not regret it!!

There's so many styling options with this dress, since there's so many accent colours in the print. I don't think I've styled it the same way twice without even trying. As fun as it is to pair with tights and cardigans, I can't wait to wear it in the summer without tights again and just fun, colourful shoes. 

I'm also becoming more and more obsessed with pin curls.  You can style your hair so differently with them just depending on the way you brush them out. And they're so easy! I sometimes use foam rollers at night to have a tighter curl, but a softer pin curl look is more my go-to.  I keep debating cutting my bangs shorter to have this look every day, but then I style my bangs a different way with pin curls and I think, maybe I should leave them long so I have more options.  I have a hair appointment this week, so we'll see what happens when I'm there!

     dress, tights: modcloth
     belt: target
     shoes: aldo


  1. I'm loving that tight/dress combo!!

  2. You look so cute! ♥ Amazing blog :)

  3. This dress is adorable *-* And it suits you so well <3

  4. Ah you know I love this dress :) :) and your hair looks great. I have a hair appointment this week, too! Still thinking about what to do with my bangs :)

    xox Sammi

  5. I adore this dress every time I see it. The colour just would not work on me, but on you it is so much fun! Kx