Friday, January 10, 2014

Rockets & PolkaDots...

Day 3 of my Bernie Dexter remixes has arrived (original styles 1 & 2 of this dress).  There's so many accent colours in this dress, red, teal, yellow, white, with the baby blue background, that there's just so many ways to style it. So far, due to what's already in my closet, I've been sticking with blue and red, but I'll definitely be trying to switch it up even more when the warmer weather arrives.  I feel like I definitely need some yellow layering options for various dresses, this one included.

shoes: chelsea crew via modcloth
belt: came with another bernie dexter dress
bandana: etsy
lipstick: besame red hot red

I have to say that wearing these outfits for blogging purposes only is really making me want spring to arrive.  That's not something I say lightly, because I'm a true Canadian, loving my snowy winters and all, but these dresses just don't have the same effect when I wear them with tights (which I do, because just having them sit in my closet over the winter months is pure torture).

Maybe when the warmer weather finally gets here, I won't be wanting to buy new spring clothes, because I'll have all of these pre-planned outfits just waiting to be worn out and about!


  1. The dress is so gorgeous and you look really lovely in it :) I also can't await for spring to arrive :3 Although I missed a real winter this Germany we had not a single day of snow yet T^T

  2. This dress is beautiful! I'm totally inspired by your summery look, I'm definitely still stuck in Winter mode, even hanging round the house I've got my woolly tights on. You look gorgeous xo

  3. Wow that dress looks beautiful on you! I especially love those shoes with it <3

  4. That dress is seriously so pretty! Can I just have everything in your closet please!