Monday, January 06, 2014

Sundaes & PolkaDots...

I've discovered the trick for taking blog pictures in the winter: taking an abundance of them on weekends, while you're home in the daylight.  For that reason, last weeks photos all had similar hairstyles.  That's repeated in this week's, and will probably be the case until the days start getting longer again.  

cardigan: local shop (pseudio)
brooches: gift from melissa (via etsy)
shoes: chelsea crew via modcloth
bandana: etsy
lipstick: besame red hot red

I've decided that this week's posts will be a remix of my Bernie Dexter dresses.  They're some of my favourite dresses in my closets, from the fun patterns, to the flattering cuts, to the full circle skirts that are just so fun to layer with petticoats! 

This was my first Bernie Dexter purchase.  It was a splurge, at full price (!!!), but I'm so happy I splurged when I did.  I've worn it on several date nights, including my birthday (original outfit posts 1 & 2).  I love how fun and flirty I feel in it.  I also love how the top of the dress is a solid red fabric, instead of the full sundae print version.  Red is one of my favourite colours to wear, and I feel that if I had gotten the full sundae print version, I'd be more apt to pair it with creams, yellows or browns, which while they'd be fun and pretty, I just feel like the red urges me to add more reds to it.


  1. Beautiful outfit! It's a good idea to take all of your outfit photos for the week on the weekend. I sometimes do that myself although I haven't had time to take any outfit photos for awhile, but hopefully that'll change once I get a few things in the mail! Have a lovely Monday!

  2. You and Sammi from the Soubrette Brunette have the most amazing dress collections, I swear! The print on this one is darling.

    The indoor lighting in these pics is so serene and pretty. Makes me wish my house wasn't surrounded by so many tall trees. Have one sweet New Year Jana!!

    xo Marisa