Saturday, January 04, 2014

Hot Air Balloons...

So if you haven't noticed from the last week's posts, I was quite spoiled over Christmas, with lots of surprises.  This post is no different.  I love hot air balloons.  It's actually the next tattoo that I'm planning.  There's something magical about them, floating around in the sky in a ballooned basket. It's sort of ironic as well, considering I'm scared of regular balloons (I know, who's scared of balloons??).

I almost ordered this dress so many times last summer, but just couldn't seem to take the plunge.  I thought it would be so perfect to wear, if I ever actually got to ride in a hot air balloon. But then I realized that realistically, if I ever do ride in one, that 1. it would probably be too cold that high up to wear a dress, and 2. I'd probably be on the motorcycle going to the balloon, so therefore I wouldn't be wearing a dress. 

My four year old godson decided I needed the dress. Or, his mama did. And I'm so glad she did, because it's so fun! The colours, the fit, the peter pan collar! What was I thinking not ordering this?? I'm extremely excited to mix it with various blues, whites and yellows.  Maybe I'll even be brave enough to grab some photos like this amazing one this summer... who knows?!

     dress: gift (modcloth, asos, sheinside)
     belt, tights: target
     shoes: spring (old)
     cardigan: local shop


  1. That dress is definitely amazing and it looks perfect on you! Those tights really bring a pop of color too!

  2. I've been on the fence about purchasing this dress myself, but it looks darling on you! I also want a hot air balloon tattoo someday, you have to post photos when you do get it c:

  3. This dress is great, and your godson's mum got it spot on! I like watching hot air balloons but the thought of going up in one freaks me out. It almost goes without saying that I love the dash of colour from your tights too! Kx

  4. I knew that dress would look great on you, but it looks fantastic! Definitely suits you godmummy! xo!