Friday, January 03, 2014

The Daintiest Shoes...

Mint, scalloped, eyelet, velvet... shoes! How dainty can one pair of shoes be? This dainty!! They are so amazingly feminine, you just can't help but feel extra girly in them.  They're definitely a date shoe... made to go from-the-house-to-the-car and sit in restaurants kinda shoes, as they are quite high.  

dress: heart of haute (formerly heartbreaker fashion)
shoes: gift (modcloth)
necklace: sweet & lovely
lipstick: besame red hot red

Who doesn't need a good date-night-shoe though, right? While I may never be able to dance in them, I'll definitely feel special wearing them, making my legs feel extra long, making me feel extra tall. Every girl's dream, no?


  1. I adore the dresses in all three of your last posts. They are exquisite and perfect on you - that wonderful mix of vintage yet somehow contemporary. The shoes in this post are also to die for to. Most of all though I am so happy you have found seamed tights. I have always loved your tights choice - and have commented several times - and like you I have masses of pairs. But I probably end up in seams once a week: I know they are not everyone's cup of tea, but they make me feel elegant and give outfits that extra edge. I also find them enormously flattering! Loving the whole look! Happy New Year. Kx

  2. Aw you always leave such nice comments :) I do have masses of tights actually. I splurge on the better quality ones (american apparel, modcloth) and I swear they're practically indestructible. And I agree with the seamed tights...they do make you feel elegant!

  3. Jana, I agree 100% about quality: on this side of the Atlantic, I go for Falke (which have the best sizing or me), Jonathan Aston, Aristoc and Gerbe. We have AA here, but I have never tried their tights! Kx

  4. Those shoes are just so cute! They definitely sound perfect for a date night and I just love the color! I'm a sucker for anything pastel so hopefully I can snag these babies sometime in the near future!