Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Blues & Balloons...

I swear, these shoes have become an instant favourite.  While I purchased them with the idea that they'd be perfect with my teacup dress (which I haven't worn with them yet), they also match so many other dresses perfectly! Best impulse-buy ever.

dress: gift 
cardigan: local shop
necklace: c/o jesiiii
shoes: bait footwear (on sale!)

After attempting to style this dress various ways, this has been my go-to style since I've purchased it with these shoes.  It just gives the perfect amount of pop to the dress, while having the staple black tights tone it done.

I'm hoping to slightly conquer my fear of balloons by the summer, so that I can take some summery photos with balloon props. I've spotted a few photos in the ModCloth Style Gallery with such photos, and they are so fun! I'm not sure where the fear stems from... I can only assume a balloon busted close to my face when I was a child, because now they freak me out (you can only imagine how much I enjoy children's birthday parties...).

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  1. Love the outfit! The shoes and the cardigan are such a nice contrast to the red and black, and the dress itself is adorable.
    I'm new to your blog, just stumbled across it while blog-hopping my way through the universe. You have some gorgeous photos and I love your style! I'll definitely be back! :)

    Amber Jade
    Fairytales and Following Trails

  2. I love this dress and have been eyeing it when ModCloth had it in stock, but I guess I missed out. It looks so cute on you! Love your taste. :)


  3. This dress has the cutest print and I really love the collar detail too.

    You're afraid of balloons, that's interesting :)

    ~ K