Monday, February 17, 2014

Getaway Outfit...

We've had two huge snow storms this past weekend, and I'm dressed like it's summer. Another few months, and I'll actually be able to wear this outfit outdoors! I blame this outfit on the purse. I've been loving it paired with black and red, so I keep trying to find new outfits to style it with. I guess it's the perfect Getaway outfit for the Getaway purse!

 top: modcloth
pants: forever 21

We've been house-bound since Thursday night. Friday, both of our offices were closed due to the storm. It worked out in our favour, because we've both been so sick we couldn't venture out. It's been a very couch potato-y weekend. Today, we're both feeling much better... but it's storming again. I think we had about 35cm of snow Friday, and another 30cm today. Our cars are hidden under mounds of snow. And so commences the shoveling (thank goodness I have Dominic!).

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  1. Love this little outfit! The cropped pants are ADORABLE. I stayed in a lot this weekend too, sometimes going out is just overrated haha,


  2. That brooch is adorable! I love the little tiny bowling pin on it.
    We can pretend it's summer inside, no harm in that!

    ~ K

  3. This past weekend was made for indoors stuff; it's just too cold out to feel like doing much. I'm ready for the warmer weather.

    I love your cropped pants! I'm not usually a big fan of pants, but you've made these look so cute. Perfect styling with the pin and bag too, I'm in love!