Friday, February 14, 2014

Leopard Print Love...

This is a first for me. Animal print, that is.  I've never actually liked animal print, even though leopard print definitely is a classic print.  That being said, for some reason, the Prowl Be There shirt really caught my eye. It seemed like a really great shirt for jeans or a skirt, and I decided to go with my instinct and order it.  As you can see, it's a keeper.

The peplum (which is currently tucked in to my high-waisted skirt) is at the perfect spot, where it actually hits your real waist and doesn't flow out too high and make you look frumpy... which I find most peplums to do.  It's a bit more daring in the cleavage than the photo depicts on the modcloth website... but it's great for a night out and easily corrected with a tank top under or a cardi over!

I saved this outfit for my Friday post, because it just seems like a fabulous Friday night outfit. Especially paired with my lux de ville bag for a bit of pop! It's definitely made small, so I took the advice and sized up. Thank goodness I did! There's no zipper, so any smaller and I would not have been able to squeeze it on. However, once it's on, it fits like a glove. The fabric is a nice, thick fabric that is so flattering!

top, skirt: modcloth
cardigan: local shop
belt: from another dress
purse: lux de ville
lipstick: besame red hot red

Pair the leopard print with some red accessories and lipstick, and it makes for a great Valentine's outfit! From day to night, with a cardigan. 

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  1. Well, you officially sold me on the Essential Elegance Skirt and that purse! Actually seeing someone HOLD the bag gives such a better idea about the size! I've been debating about whether or not to buy one for quite a while now! And the skirt is a lot fuller than I thought looking at the pictures on Modcloth!

    Sidenote: Do you use Reward Style? Because Katie ad I are having really good luck with it... if you want info. you can email me! : )


  2. The skirt is gorgeous and looks like a good investment piece. I've never been a fan of peplum and have never attempted to try it out even if I think the general colour/print of something. I like the idea of tucking it into a high waisted skirt though, that I could do.

    ~ K

  3. Love this outfit. Normally I shy away from animal print, but you've made it look so elegant!