Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ruby Sparks...

Since a reader has made the comment that I look like Ruby Sparks with my coloured tights, I now seem to think of that every time I wear bright tights.  In my last Ruby Sparks-esque post, I wore almost the same colours.  Instead of yellow, orchid and teal, I had mustard, mauve and teal... but as you can see, still a similar palette.  

I also somehow tend to feel that when wearing bright colours, other bright colours should be present in the post... such as my granny square afghan.  

dress: ruche (old)
cardigan: local shop
tights: target

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  1. Not only do you look absolutely adorable, but now I have a movie to watch on my next day off that had a pretty interesting synopsis haha.

    I'm not much of a tights fan for myself, but I see you and Sammi and Kate Gabrielle look amazing in them and it makes me wonder if I should give them another shot. Love it!


  2. I actually don't think you look like anyone except yourself! I say that because your combinations always seem so effortless (OK, so I know they're not!) and natural. Although our styles are a bit different, I really do take inspiration from some of your colour combinations, not least (as you know from past comments) the way you use your tights to link everything together. Kx

  3. Love the colour combination! I've been a bit of an avoider of coloured tights but I have always liked them, I think I was just a little shy. But I'm embracing them and all the many colours you can buy!

    ~ K