Friday, February 21, 2014


Clearly, this is the week of my bait Dennise blue shoes. While it's purely coincidental, it's funny how that happens almost every week, having one of the items make an appearance almost each day.

top: collectif via modcloth
skirt: modcloth
belt: from another dress

 I was almost tempted to purchase some pink shoes for this shirt... and for my flamingo dress... but I'm really liking this shirt with these blue shoes. I'm not sure how often I'd wear pink shoes, aside from with my flamingo outfits, so really, finding options already in my closet seems like the logical way to go. Pairing both outfits with orchids in my hair seems to be as pink as I can go anyhow.

When I was in New Orleans last fall, I found a string of lights with plastic flamingos over the bulbs... I debated buying them just because they were so kitch, but opted for the gingerbread houses instead for Christmas. I'm not regretting not buying them. I'm still facing my original problem: where I'd actually hang them... but they would be SO perfect with my flamingo outfits! Is it wrong that I'm tempted to buy plastic lawn flamingos?? 

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  1. Cute outfit!! I love B.A.I.T. Footwear, too!
    My fiance and I are going to New Orleans on our honeymoon in four months..I can't wait! :)


  2. Cute! I like the blue shoes with this top, too. I have the skirt that goes with that shirt, but missed out on the blouse. Now you have me wanting those shoes!

    Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

  3. Every time I see this top, I regret not buying it! I look absolutely adorable on you!


  4. I actually own flamingo string lights and I have not been able to find a good place for good on you for passing them up lol!

    I almost thought this was a dress for a moment! I love how the shoes pick up the blue in the top and the flower picks up the pink, looks great <3

  5. I love the little flamingo print on this dress. I adore cute little animal print, can't wait for the weather to warm so I can wear my whale print top ;)

    ~ K