Monday, February 24, 2014

Teacups and little clogs...

When you have an obsession for teacups, a dress with teacups on it is basically made for you. When you fluke find the most perfect blue shoes to match that teacup dress... that's perfection. 

dress: gift (bernie dexter, modcloth)
cardigan: local shop
teapot brooch: modcloth
pearls: gift
petticoat: american apparel

After I received my first swedish hasbeens and they were so comfortable, I decided to take the plunge and order another pair that I'd had my eye on.  I figured at the great price Amazon is selling them for, I'm still getting two pairs for less than the price of one pair at regular price.  I ordered them in the same size as my peep-toes, and when they arrived, they were two sizes too small! I was devastated because they were even cuter in person, and the perfect blue to match this dress.  I decided to go for it, and order two sizes up. I'm so glad I did. When they arrived, the fit was much better. Only they were a bit snug on the top of my foot.  I went out on a limb, and wet the shoes to help them stretch quickly. 

Swedish Hasbeens recommended to avoid getting them wet, as the natural leather will stretch more quickly. They're definitely not wrong. However, the top of the foot was painfully tight, and I knew it would take some time to stretch them to the point of not only comfort, but not being immediately painful. So I googled, and found an article from someone with a similar problem, and she resorted to an old ballet trick: wetting her shoes and her feet to help them stretch. So, I poured myself a bath, and in I went... with my shoes on my feet. I'm sure I looked even more ridiculous than I felt, which was pretty ridiculous. 

After the bath, I wore them around the house, even while just relaxing. They stretched perfectly. I wore them for the whole day at work last week, and not once did they hurt my feet. I'm in no means recommending anyone else try this, as I was terrified they would stretch too much, or lose their shape, and I feel like it's luck that it didn't actually happen. However, I now have the prettiest little clogs that are incredibly cute and comfortable, and so I'm one happy gal.

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  1. Everything about this is perfect! I love teacups and that dress is divine. What a happy coincidence that your new shoes look absolutely perfect with this outfit! and I'm glad you got them fitting well c:

  2. I'm totally smitten by your quirky prints :) and your great taste in shoes!

    Good job with the shoes. You must be a lucky person!

    ~ K