Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Thrifted and vintage...

The weather this past weekend was unusually mild... which I seem to be saying lately... "unusually mild" seems to be becoming more and more usual.  However, being so mild, it made my porch not uncomfortably cold for photo-taking! I actually completely forgot about tights! Definitely preemptive as it's definitely still tights weather outside and will be for several more months, but posting some outfits without tights made for a nice little change.

dress, hat, purse: vintage
shoes: aldo (old)
belt: from another dress
petticoat: american apparel

While I enjoy pairing vintage items with new, it's pretty special when you're wearing almost an entirely vintage outfit. While I'm definitely mixing eras with the hat & dress, and it may not be what someone would've actually worn 60-70 years ago walking down the street, it still makes me wonder who did wear these items and what streets they walked down. Every pre-owned item has a story, and pieces of someone else's story. When I wear these items, and when I look around my house, or go antique shopping, I'll often look at an item, and wonder, who did you belong to? If only these things could talk... 

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  1. I'm in love with that dress! Love the way you accessorized with brown too.