Thursday, March 13, 2014

I've got the blues...

I've got the blues lately.  Not in the sad-blues kind of way. In the blue-obsessed kind of way! It seems like if something is available in blue, that's the colour I'm going to purchase. Don't get me wrong... in now way is it replacing my love of mint. But in fashion, it seems like pale blue is definitely a colour that my love for is ever-growing!

I absolutely adore Bernie Dexter dresses.  The fabric patterns are always stunning and original, and the styles of the dress are so fun! Whether they're fun and flirty with a boost of cleavage (that's easily camouflaged with a cardigan), feminine and frilly with a scalloped edge, or mid-century mod like this one with the wide white detailing, they are so unique and fun to wear!

I'm trying to be good, and not purchase any new clothes unless I sell some of my current items... but I have a feeling that Bernie Dexter's spring and summer dresses are going to take a lot of will power... which I may or may not have.

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  1. I feel like most of my clothes are blue or is just such a lovely color. I especially love it on you with your hair color c:

    I've never bought a Bernie Dexter dress, but you definitely make me wanna take the plunge. Such a cute outfit!