Friday, March 14, 2014

Mixing mints...

Back to my love of mint, mixing and matching mints is a must! (Let's try saying that three times!) Another casual Friday post with jeans... while it's definitely not (yet) a weekly post, it may end up that way.  For someone who loves dresses as much as I do, I do still wear jeans fairly often. More so in the summer, due to the motorcycle.  Posting outfits with jeans will definitely help to keep me creative with outfits this summer as well... and you may have noticed, I always post the same jeans. Reason? I own two (2!!!) pairs of jeans. Both the same, in different shades of blue. I know, I need to lay off buying dresses and invest in some jeans. Especially for road trips on the motorcycle. Someone, slap my hand if I buy new dresses before new jeans!

jeans, blouse: modcloth
cardigan: forever 21
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  1. I actually don't own jeans/pants :x and its post like these that make me realize I need to get with it! There's so much versatility in a pant and blouse and I always love what you come up with.

  2. I own so many pairs of jeans... OK, less now than I did but it's still a lot. Lately I've been really not feeling the jeans and I have taken to putting almost all of them at the top of my wardrobe and trying to reach for the skirts and dresses.
    I just have a few pairs at hand to wear for work mostly and if I just fancy jeans.

    ~ K

  3. Mixing prints has become a favorite of mine! This is cute!
    New follower!
    Pretty Lovely

  4. I'm in love with your shoes!

  5. This outfit is so stinking adorable! I love every single piece. Especially the shoes. You girls and your bangs make me want to cut my hair like that...You have amazing hair, wow!
    I definitely have too many pairs of jeans, but that's because it's what I wear to work. These are perfect on you, no wonder you bought two of the same pair!

  6. A cute outfit :D

    A touch retro.