Thursday, March 06, 2014

My Joanie Dress...

I always tend to wear this dress when I feel the need to 'dress up'... So I figured it was time to try dressing it down.  I've already mixed it with red, but with heels and a cardigan, and my hair up... so it still felt very dressy.  Then I realized, if I add my little brooch and my spectator shoes, that should really help casual-ize it! Ta-da! It worked.  I love how something so small as a brooch helped to turn this dress into a more every-day piece. 

brooch: modcloth
belt: from another dress

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  1. That dress is such a nice colour. And it looks really great with the red!

    Amber Jade
    Fairytales and Following Trails

  2. Such a pretty dress! I love it with the red belt and brooch

  3. Is that a "Mad Men" reference in the title or is the dress called the Joanie Dress? Either way, you look like Joan Harris in these photos, which is completely fabulous!! :)

    1. It's a mad men reference :D I was dying for a Joan-esque dress last year!

  4. Gorgeous dress, such a lovely color. The red accessories look fantastic with it, and your brooch is just the perfect touch.


  5. This dress is such a beautiful color and great silhouette. You look just as darling as Joanie <3

  6. I love that look, you are just too cute. You are making want a pair of those spectators so bad!