Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Budding Romance

In honour of ModCloth recently launching it's Wedding Style: Budding Romance, I thought I'd style up a little winter-wedding outfit! Ivory, gold, and blue cameos! 

shoes, earrings: modcloth
dress: heart of haute (old)
belt: forever 21
capelet: vintage

I know they say you're not supposed to wear white to a wedding... but 1. Ivory *technically* isn't white... and 2. I think winter-white doesn't count when it's actually winter! I'm such a fan of ivory and gold during the winter months... especially when layered. It feels so warm and cozy, yet still classic!

I wish I would've been brave enough to actually get some outdoor winter photos for this Winter Wedding theme! I see so many bloggers with gorgeous snowy backgrounds... but it's just way too cold to be outside snapping photos. Even with the fact that the photos only take a few minutes, I get chilled to the bone and just can't warm up. 

What do you think? Is ivory appropriate to a wedding? Winter or no? Or is any white-shade a definite faux-pas? 

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  1. This outfit is so dreamy.. I'm in love <3

  2. I agree, this outfit is super dreamy. I probably wouldn't wear this to a wedding, since I think wearing white to most weddings is a little risky, but it'd be perfect for Christmas, New Year's, or even to my own wedding, depending on how dressy I'd want to be on the day! You look beautiful, and I love this idea.

    xox Sammi

  3. You look gorgeous *_* Love that outfit :)
    But I wouldn't wear it to a wedding because even though ivory isn't exactly white it still would be to risky in my opinion. ^^

    Still the outfit suits you perfectly <3

  4. Such a cute dress and I love the details in your hair and earrings. I agree with Sammi on this, but then I've never actually been to a wedding so I can't really comment.

    ~ K