Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Teacher Style...

I often get asked if I'm a teacher, based on my appearance and style. Apparently I have that teacher look... I always found this funny, because while I actually supply taught for a time while between jobs (and loved it), I always said I'm not stern enough to be a teacher.  And then I look at the photo above.  I may not be very stern, but I definitely have that "You're in trouble" look down pat, don't I?? Maybe I was a teacher in another life...wearing fabulous polka dot frocks like this one.

dress: vintage
belt: from another dress

I have to say, I feel like these shoes match about 50% of my closet.  Not bad for $30 shoes! (I got them on sale!!).  Definitely one of those great finds... and considering how often I pair them with outfits, I feel like I really should get them in more colours.  And then get polka dot dresses to match those colours ;)

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  1. Aren't polkadots the best! I just did my own post about them yesterday lol. They just make everything more fun.
    Those shoes actually really drew my eye. They're so cute! You definitely need them in every colour, and while we're on the topic, so do I.

    Amber Jade
    Fairytales and Following Trails

  2. I love how BAIT shoes are so handy in that they come in pretty much any color for your wardrobe.. I'm usually not a big fan of red (I blame my high school uniforms) but you always look so darling in it <3

  3. I keep seeing BAIT footwear on different people - I think it's hinting that I should be checking them out!

    ~ K

  4. well i must say, there's certainly a sweet 50's look you've made here w/ the lovely polka dot dress & retro looking heels, but def way more stylish than most teachers are in real life i'd say : )