Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Ahead!

In honour of spring officially being on it's way, what with the time change yesterday, I decided to pull out what of my all-time favourite spring outfits for today's post. I first saw these shorts on Tieka several years ago, and she styled them very similarly.  I just had to have the shorts, and style something similar!

shorts: modcloth (old)
cardigan: costa blanca
top: ruche (old, for sale in my instagram shop!)
shoes: aldo (old)
belt: from another dress

Shorts with tights is one of my favourite spring and fall style.  I'm looking forward to the temperature warming up enough to start wearing them again! It's a pretty typical weekend look for me. Even in the summer when we head out in the morning when it's still cool outside. It's the perfect outfit for yard sailing, marketing, and thrifting!

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  1. What a cute outfit! I love the shorts! I absolutely don't have the legs for shorts lol, but if I did I would wear the crap out of those ones. They're perfect! I love the way you've put it all together too. Looks really great :)

    Amber Jade
    Fairytales and Following Trails

  2. Such a pretty, feminine outfit! The shorts are fabulous, I can see why you love them. They look great paired with your floral top and pink ruffled cardigan. I've never tried the shorts+tights look myself, but you make it look so cute.


  3. I love love this! The 2 florals together are so gorgeous.
    xoxo, Lindsey Dish

  4. I really enjoy the look of shorts and tights but I never really get on board with it myself. I'm not a bog shorts wearing so maybe that's it.

    ~ K

  5. So so cute! I definitely need to pick up some cute shorts for spring myself.