Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Exciting News!

Last week, Dominic and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary.  We celebrate the day we met, as we were pretty much inseparable from that day on. For those of you who don't know, we met in my office.  Dominic was then working for the Canadian Cancer Society.  In the month of March, they do a "Daffodil Campaign" where they sell daffodils and the money raised goes to Cancer Research.  That year was a year of coincidences. Normally, a coworker handles the office orders. Someone mistakenly placed the form in my mailbox, so I did the orders that year. No big deal, right? So on March 26th, when the daffodils were to be delivered, the normal delivery person was out sick. Dominic, living (at the time) not far from my office, offered to bring the flowers. Again, no big deal. But if it weren't for those two happenings, we probably would never have met. 

This year, for our anniversary, he gave me a gorgeous bouquet of daffodils. He actually gave me a hint a few days before, telling me he bought two presents: one yellow, one yellow and green. My guess: vintage pyrex dishes. I flat out argued that I was right when he told me that wasn't the gift. I even told friends that I was sure that was what he bought me... I was quite wrong. 

After I gave him his gift (hand made wallet and custom belt from Anvil Customs), he gave me my flowers, then a love note (it's sort of our 'thing'... since we first started dating, we left love notes all over the place for each other) that was said a whole bunch of sweet things I won't share... but at the end was a proposal. I was scared that I was reading it wrong, misunderstanding... but then he took out the ring. The most perfect pearl ring. And of course I said 'yes.'

Hendrix, and all the furkids, are as ecstatic as we are with this news, and can't wait to change their last names this summer! That's right, THIS SUMMER! We've been on a wedding-planning-whirlwind this past week... so stay tuned for plenty of Wedding Wednesday posts!

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  1. Fantastic news - many congratulations and I hope the happiness of the last two years will last for many more. Kx

  2. I totally missed this post!! Congrats again you two love birds!
    I'm so ultra-mega-big-time happy for you both!!!!!!!!

  3. wow yay huge huge huge congrats!! the love letters are so sweet, i LOVE that he got you a pearl ring not icky diamonds and most importantly, i love hearing how you met by total fate/chance/love : ). I live to hear stories like that. super excited for you two!

  4. Congrats!!