Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Please tell me this is no April Fools...

It's no secret to the world that Eastern Canada has been hit with ridiculous amounts of snow this winter... and storm after storm for the entire month of March. Today, however, Spring decided to make an actual appearance. I truly hope Mother Nature isn't playing a joke on us...

It was a whopping 5 degrees today! I know most of you think that that definitely isn't sleeveless dress weather, and it really isn't, but it was warm enough to be outside for several minutes and not get cold.  Vast improvement in what we've been getting lately.

dress: voodoo vixen
tights: modcloth
belt: forever 21

 I actually didn't even wear this outfit because today was nice out. I wore it specifically because I was tired of bundling up in winter clothes, and I felt like reminding Mother Nature that it is in fact spring. I'm not taking credit for today's weather (okay, maybe I'm taking a bit of credit), but I really feel like sometimes forcing yourself out of that rut really can make a difference. 

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  1. I thought you meant Fahrenheit and got really concerned, I had a moment of no Jana get back inside!!

    Anyways, I looove this dress. And I love those tights with your hair color, just perfect <3