Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: One

As I mentioned in yesterday's proposal post, I'll be starting a weekly wedding post every Wednesday.  I'm in full-blow planning mode, as we're getting married in early summer of this year.  I know it seems fast, but we want something small with immediate family only, so it's doable for us in a short period of time.  I definitely already had an idea of what I would like, and after Dominic and I looked through pictures together, we came up with our wedding theme and ideas.  My wedding posts won't be about what we're planning, as I want that to be a surprise for the people who will be attending, but more on the other themes I liked but chose not to go with.

 Today is about Rustic Elegance.  Being a country girl, I LOVE barns, and the thought of a rustic yet chic wedding is definitely appealing. The mix of old wood, delicate flowers, and intricate lace? Love.

Bales of hay with blankets and pillows... if we were having a large wedding, that's probably something I would've had to include. So fun and original! And having a huge field behind our house, we're definitely in no hay-shortage!

(all images are sourced from pinterest search: rustic wedding)

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  1. I love these photos. I've always struggled with wanting to have like a really classic vintage wedding or having more rustic elements like this, being a country girl myself. Whatever you chose to go with, I'm sure its going to look beautiful, you have amazing taste <3

  2. I am dying over that all lace wedding dress at the top. Gorg!!