Thursday, April 03, 2014

Surprise Packages Used to be Way More Fun...

As a child, surprise packages were a blast! Candies, toys, games... who knew what was going to be in there? And no matter what it was, it was always something fun! At least for the next hour or so. Still worth the $0.50 that they were when I was a kid.  So when ModCloth had their ModSurprises, I thought, 'Why not?'. I splurged and ordered three. They were only $10 a pop, and I figured I'd try them out. The accessories were already sold out, so I opted for 2 clothing's and a shoe surprise.  Here's what I got:
High Low Can You Go Dress 
I feel like this dress, if the back wasn't such a blunt cut, might work. If I was more seamstress-wavy, I might try altering... alas, I'm all thumbs.

 Rock Steady Wine Sparrow Ribbon Dress
While I do find this quite pretty, and I have a similar style top, I don't find the style of the dress to be my style. I tried it on, and just didn't feel 'me' in it. While I'm contemplating keeping it, I realize someone else might actually want a $60 for WAY less, and so it will also be joining my shop my closet soon.

GoMax Zenith Pumps in Taupe & Red
Not my style at all. I debated keeping these for work, but then realize, I don't think they'd actually compliment anything in my closet. They're a bit too mod/chic for me. 

I'm not going to lie... I'm completely 100% disappointed in these surprises. While they were cheap, so it's not the money I'm upset about, it's the fact that they totally just took the fun out of this for me.  0 out of 3? Common ModCloth. Normally I boast ModCloth quality, customer service, selection... all are top notch in my books, and still are. The Surprise Boxes, however, disappoint.
If anyone disagrees with my opinions on these items, they'll be up for grabs in my Instagram Shop My Closet very soon. 
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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your disappoint me. I was actually considering getting a surprise package from Modcloth, but I was too worried that I'd get something completely not my style or that it wouldn't quite fit properly. It's good that you can sell them online.
    And congratulations on your egagement too!

  2. That's a bummer! Too bad they wouldn't look into the purchase history to surprise you with something more your style!