Monday, April 07, 2014

Is it just me...

...or did this dress shrink? When I put it on, it was a struggle to get it over my shoulders. Then it was rather snug... everywhere! I thought, "Oh crap, I gained weight."  But it hasn't been that long since I've worn it... and after the last time I wore it, I washed it. And there began my panic. 

dress: Dollz & Dames
shoes: swedish hasbeens via amazon
flower: forever 21

I thought, nope, I must be wrong. I haven't put it in the dryer once. So, I shrug it off... vouch to start exercising again, which I need to do anyhow. Put on my next outfit, expecting it also to be a big snug. Nope. Fits just as it always had. Crap. Really start to panic.  So, this is one of those "Thank goodness I blog and take photos of outfits" moments. I start looking back to former posts with this dress. Yup, it's shorter than the last time I posted it for sure. And then, that time was shorter than my first post with it. 

I love this dress. Adore this dress, even. I'm sitting here right now wearing it, trying to stretch it out. I wonder if I wear it in the bath tub, like I did with these shoes, will it miraculously stretch??? I'm just kidding, I know it won't. But really, I'm quite upset at the moment, both at the fact that it shrunk while I've been washing it according to the instructions, AND the fact that it cost a small fortune and so I don't believe it should be shrinking on me! 

T'is a sad, sad day.

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  1. Bummer!!
    But at least it still fits and looks great on you! Love it with those shoes too!

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  3. Oh no, must have been the sizing in it. You could always add a little lace to the hem to lengthen it. There are ways of slitting sleeves to give you more room, I have large arms so I often have to cut and re-finish sleeves.

  4. Such a shame it's shrunk - such a lovely print! It still looks really great though!


  5. When clothing shrinks, it literally makes me angry. lol. Especially when it's a really great piece and not just a t-shirt or something. It's the worst feeling when you realize you can no longer wear something because it shrunk. :(

  6. Aw no :( I hope you can still get a few wears out of it without being too uncomfortable, it looks so darling on you!

  7. Oh, I hate when that happens! And it's so cute ...

  8. I love your outfits and your house is adorable! :)