Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pies and aprons...

My outfits this week are very inspired for my blue swedish hasbeens mimmi's.  I'm just dying to be able to wear these out and about, especially without tights. We're definitely a far cry from that, seeing as there's still mounds and mounds of snow... but with the mild temperatures we've been having, I'm definitely in the no-tights spirit.

dress: modcloth
shoes: swedish hasbeens via amazon
flower: vintage box 1947
apron: vintage

This dress always makes me wish I had a fresh homemade pie to show off in the pictures. I'm not much of a pie baker, which is strange because I love pies. I just tend to stick to cookies and cakes.  However, even with not having a pie to show-off, I still felt the need to take some photos of this dress in my kitchen.

And while doing so, I discovered how sweet this apron looks with the dress! I swear, that apron just makes me wish I was a stay-at-home housewife, who bakes all day in pretty little dresses and red lipstick!

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  1. I do love those shoes! I'll be glad when it's a little warmer for no tights.

  2. That apron is adorable! I love your shoes, too. Are they comfortable?

    Found you via Flock Together - looking forward to seeing more of your outfits there :D