Monday, April 14, 2014

Mint & Mustard Forever...

I've done a few posts already on mint and mustard combinations. I absolutely love them together. This past weekend, I've committed to loving the combination forever.  With my most recent tattoo, while I had a lot of say in the overall design, showing my artist lots of inspiration and having her then create something incredibly detailed, I gave her some free-reign with the colours that will be used in it.  I'll still have a say of course, but I concluded that if it was left up to me, the balloon would most likely end up mint green, as would the rest of my arm.  So with that in mind, my tattoo artist came up with some colours, and we started the colouring of it this past weekend.

dress: hell bunny via modcloth
shoes: gift (modcloth)
head scarf: ruche
belt: target
Tattoos (in case you're in the New Brunswick region: East Coast Electric Tattooing

At my last appointment, she told me she had yellow roses in mind, and some aquas and teals for the balloon.  Still in my colour range that I love, but outside of my mint addiction.  Those sounded great.  I ended up finding a photo of a yellow rose with mint-aqua shading in the folds, and I thought it would look great with the colours she thought up. When I mentioned it to her, she loved it, and so began my mint and mustard forever.

With wanting to share the progress of my latest tattoo, I opted for a matching outfit.  In the mix of it, I ended up with this outfit, which I absolutely love.  While these heels are pretty high for every day wear, I'll definitely be wearing them with this outfit on sit-down events this summer... like maybe a picnic or two! 

 On top of the engagement and wedding planning, last week I got some more exciting news, which I'll be posting about later this week. Make sure you stay tuned for it! 

And naturally, I just can't wear this dress and not twirl in it. I'm contemplating ordering a mint petticoat for my wedding, and I have to say, the possibility of wearing it under this dress for extra minty twirls makes it that much more practical, and therefore tempting.

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  1. What a great dress and your tattoo looks beautiful, too! I can't wait to see it all finished!

  2. Ah so cute. Weirdly, I've never thought to wear those mint shoes with this mint dress (since I have both, hah)! It looks so lovely. And YES TO THE MINT PETTICOAT FOR YOUR WEDDING!! <3

    xox Sammi

  3. Your tattoo is amazing. My last one I went in wearing my favorite striped socks and had the artist match the colors to the socks.

  4. Your tattoo is amazing! I love the colour palette she used, and this outfit is also stunning. :)

  5. I've wanted a hot air balloon tattoo for awhile now and I just adore yours! I love how it matches this adorable outfit too <3

  6. I agree, mint and mustard are meant to be!

  7. Girl! This is probably the most beautiful outfit concoction I have ever seen! I absolutely adore mint. I think mint and any color are pretty magical but ESPECIALLY mint and mustard. Your shoes are epically beautiful and I just can't get enough of how cute you are! Your tattoo looks beautiful as well. It is just such a pretty design!