Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Five

Today's Wedding Wednesday topic is of the Guest variety.  As I've mentioned, our wedding is small. Under 20 people small.  So with that, while we're still having a "wedding", we're skimping on some things. Such as the guest book and invites.  It's not that we don't think these are good ideas. We debated the guest book idea... but in the end, we thought whatever we chose would end up looking pretty empty. And let's be honest, how often would we look at a guest book? If we opted for something to display, how long would we display it for? So, with that being said, we decided that the photos we'll be taking throughout the event will be our true guestbook.

I love the idea of a polaroid guest book. I actually have this camera, so it would be super fun to use in some other way throughout the day. I'll maybe just leave it on a table for people to take various photos.

Love the idea of a platter. I'd want to actually use it though, and I'd probably be too scared to in case it would break... 

Wood... Both of these are so fun, and has that warmth to it that comes with everything wood. Again, how long we would display it for would be the question, but love both ideas!

If we were having a big wedding, and lots of guests from out of town, this globe idea is definitely what I would go for. How unique is it?? And it's actually something I would display, well, forever!

And my last and absolute favourite guest book idea: writing on vinyl. This was actually what we were going to do in the brief moments we were opting for a guest book. It's a small enough area, that even with a few guests, it wouldn't look too empty. In all honesty, I love this idea so much, I may have to do it.

Next up: Invitations! Again, with less than 20 people, that would only mean approximately 10 invitations. It seemed kind of pointless. However, these were a few of my favourite styles that I found... 

Love the idea of using various fonts, in just a few colours... and a wax seal?? LOVE! I'd feel so glamorous using one! While we opted to not have invitations, I did take it upon myself to make some Save the Dates. Not that I didn't think our immediate family guests would forget our wedding, but more so because, honestly, I like receiving them. I like receiving any mail that isn't a bill. So, I thought a little Save the Date would be fun and appreciated. If you're one of our guests, be on the lookout for yours soon!

(All photos are from pinterest).
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  1. I LOVED making our invites, but, since we planned our wedding only six months out didn't make save the date cards. BIG mistake; even though we called and email etc. people couldn't make it etc. (only one reason some couldn't make it. A horrid virus was going around. Unfortunately, a few people didn't realize they had it and stayed at our wedding only long enough to pass it on to me and Amos!) You are very smart to send them, even with a small crowd.

    The most creative- and thoughtful- guest book I ever saw was where the groom was a musician. They got a beat up old guitar and people signed it. He could play it after the wedding and remember.

  2. I love your wedding tastes. I must say I love the use of Polaroids to remember the day because they have such a great nostalgic feeling, but those record guestbook photos are super cute and unique too c:

    1. I'm definitely going to find a way to use my polaroid camera, even if it's just on a table for people to take photos and I'll make an album afterwards. :)

  3. I loved the idea of platter and this all things can make your day a special one and you can recall these all stuffs whenever you want. These are really awesome and i would love to try one of them.