Monday, April 28, 2014

A new-old dress!

I scored this lovely dress on a clothing swap group on facebook.  I have to say, I'm quite loving it. It's a dress from the 70s, but I feel like it has a nice 40s/50s flare to it. It also perfectly matches my blue B.A.I.T. Denise's... but I have to say, I wore it with heels last week, and I much prefer it styled with the heels. 

 dress: vintage
shoes: Bait
belt: from another dress

I also have to say, does anyone else find it crazy when a dress that's 40+ years old looks and feels brand new? Either this dress didn't get the loving it deserved, or it was a dead-stock item... but either way, I'm loving the style and colours, so it'll be getting some love now!

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  1. It does have a 40s flare to it indeed! Very nice color for you.

  2. Hm...I usually stear clear from blue, but it suitsyou very much. The dress itself is lovely.:)

  3. This dress was meant for you- it fits you so well and looks so good with your hair! Those shoes do match it perfectly!

  4. Such a pretty dress - it looks so good on you - and I love the color combo of a blue dress on a ginger girl!

  5. Love this dress on you, the blue looks so great with your hair too <3

  6. hi Jana! your blog layout is awesome, and whaaaat a gorgeous Vintage find! it must be preserved so well if it feels brand new!

    also- I'm going to Canada (Edmonton) for the first time next week!

    ♥ perfectly Priya