Friday, April 25, 2014

Canadian Tropics...

If you're from Canada, you know we lots of cold temperatures and snow. You know that it means wearing tights all year round in some cases.  If you're not from Canada, I'm sure you at least notice the majority complaining, and making an escape down south at some point in the winter.  I don't normally complain. I love living here, and I love snow and winter. I don't mind bundling up in a goose feather parka and looking like a marshmallow. It's comfy, cozy, and warm to be honest.  However, this year is a little different... 

cardigan: forever 21
belt: from another dress
shoes: ruche

Normally, our last snowstorm of the season is known as the St. Paddy's Day storm.  It's usually a doozy.  This year was no different. It was a doozy. However, it wasn't our last storm by a long shot.  Spring arrived quite late, and I'm not even convinced it actually did arrive at all.  Yes, in the past two weeks, we've had our normal mild temperatures and rain. The banks have snow have decreased in size. I can see patches of grass in some places.  It also snowed again this week. 

Below is a photo of my backyard on Easter Monday. Yes, it's since gone down some. However, there is still a lot of snow there.  So, I decided to try to trick mother nature into thinking it's time for warmer weather to arrive. Flamingo diner style dress... orchids in my hair... peep toe shoes... pastels. Spring clothes. Now, if spring could only truly arrive.

And, because I have a sense of humour, here's a hilarious shot of me trying to run in front of the camera before the timer went off.

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  1. Oh my gosh, that is a crazy amount of snow still! I love your easter outfit, I love the details in the dress and the combo of blue and pink.

  2. Oh I'm hoping Mother Nature will be tricked and it will *consistently* stay warm from here on out. Love that dress on you too!

  3. What a unique dress!

    Wow, that is a lot of snow. We usually get our last snow storm in April (always around Easter, no matter if it is early or late), but never such huge drifts like that! YIKES!

  4. That cardigan is so adorable!