Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bernie & Bait...

The more I wear Bernie Dexter dresses, the more I believe they were made to be paired with Bait shoes.  It seems like there's the perfect bait shoes, style and colour, for each Bernie Dexter dress. Or at least, the ones in my closet. 

Dress: Bernie Dexter (it's on sale!)
shoes: Bait Footwear (also on sale!)
cardigan: local shop
brooch: modcloth
petticoat: american apparel

This is one of the first days that I can legit be outside without tights and a coat. Not that I'd want to be out for hours without them, but I can honestly say that I wasn't cold while taking these photos. I feel like that's huge. Our winter has been extremely long this year, and the snow is finally going down (see tomorrow's post for a glimpse into my yard!!). 

My hair... I'm SO in need of a trim and dye.  This week's posts definitely aren't my best in the hair department. Thankfully, I'm going tonight.  My bangs are at that point where they desperately need to be trimmed, yet because my appointment was this week, I tried to hold off trimming them myself for the past two weeks. That way I can get a real trim and not live in fear that she has to just clean up my mess (is anyone else super bad with bang trims??).

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  1. Such a lovely look! The dress and the shoes - and the cardigan - are a perfect metch and they go so well with your hair. ^^

  2. The dress is divine and matches the cardigan and shoes perfectly. As always! Kx

  3. You look beautiful, what lovely scallops at the bottom of the dress!

  4. I love Bernie Dexter! I only have the orange-red Dahlia print dress, but it is a wardrobe favourite for sure. I especially love that they are ethically made in the US. I hear you about the long winter - now that we've had a hint of spring out west, I am planning to set up camp on a patio and never leave.

  5. I'm loving this dress! You are too cute and I'm totally gonna try this hair style! Hopefully I can pull it off as well as you do! Ha ha!