Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Four

 Today's Wedding Wednesday theme is the bridal party, and it as a little treat, it also includes a little peak into our wedding.  As I've mentioned, we're having a very small, intimate wedding (less than 20 guests).  In doing so, we've decided to skimp on the bridal party and only have a Maid of Honour and Best Man.  This weekend, I asked my future sister-in-law to be my MOH.  While we may not be very close now, I hope someday we will truly be like sisters, so having her there beside me when I marry her brother is definitely something I'm looking forward to.

I made this little box for her, which included a card, a handkerchief (AllieRuth), mint green Essie nail polish, a colour swatch of the wedding, a little description of our wedding, her role, and her dress.  I also included some dress-piration photos to give her an idea, and a photo of my dress, so she could find something that meshed well.  

Some bridal party aspects that I love: a variety of vintage dresses in the same colour palette... a mesh of different dresses and accessories in the wedding colours. 

The idea of the groom and his men sporting super hear t-shirts under their shirts. Dominic is probably grateful that he doesn't have groomsmen just because I'd probably beg him to do this for me (I'm the super-hero geek in the relationship).

Shots of the boys and their bikes... 

Fun girly shots with different vintage or patterned accessories. I'll still definitely find a way to incorporate some of these ideas.

While the idea of a big bridal party is fun, I can also say that having a small one is definitely exciting in that it will make everything more one-on-one. Dominic's sister has a very excitable personality, similar to mine, so I'm already looking forward to keeping her in the loop, getting her opinion, and having this opportunity to get to know her that much better and share such a special day with her. 
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  1. That is so nice and sweet that your new sister in law to be will be your maid of honor. I hope it does become the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

  2. I absolutely LOVE when they have a bunch of different dresses in the same color palette, so pretty! The little box you made your maid of honor is adorable :)
    xo Hannah

  3. Aw the box you gave her looks so sweet. I hope you two will grow closer with time as well <3

  4. I think I literally pinned all of these looks! Lol. How adorable!
    xoxo, Lindsey Dish

  5. I'm not much into marriage, but I love a fancy wedding; different bridesmaid's dresses of the same color plaette is a charing idea, and the superhero T-shirts are simply awesome...if I were you, I'd get some groomsme...! :p