Monday, July 14, 2014

Luck Be a (Horse) Lady...

My bestie recently went through her (amazing) closet and offered me up a few dresses that she (crazily) didn't want anymore... this Luck Be A Lady dress being one of them. I jumped at the chance of this one! Having two gorgeous horses as neighbours, this dress just seemed like a great opportunity to feature them here.

 dress, shoes: modcloth
belt: forever 21

These two guys are the sweetest things. Jake (black) and Timmy (red) are definitely one of the best things about where we live. I admit, I was nervous about introducing Hendrix to them when I first bought the house. He'd never seen horses, and the fence between the properties isn't enough to keep him out. After the initial curiosity though, he pays them no mind. 

It's so strange, thinking back to my early twenties and thinking I would never live in such a small place. I studied Interior Design with the intention of always living in a city. I never imagined I'd be so wrong with what I wanted out of life. After living away for almost 10 years, I actually wanted to move back. And not just to the Maritimes, maybe a city nearby, but back here, to quiet ol' Northern New Brunswick. 

Things fell into place. It took a few years, but I found a great job and proved myself, and now it's more than a job, it's a career. I found the man of my dreams, the house of our dreams, where we're so happy together. We added 4 1/2 acres of land to our property in the winter. We have great neighbours, and with horses on one side and chickens on the other, it actually makes me wanting a variety of animals (ie ducks, goats, chickens...) seem *normal*. 

So with this in mind... a horse dress is perfect for grabbing pictures with the neighbouring horses... I guess I should also have a chicken-dress? Does anyone know where I can find one??

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  1. Fun pictures!
    (P.S. I'm following!)

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  2. I love all your thoughts on how what you think you want out of life can really change. In the end, the people you make the home with, and finding something meaningful to do with your life, I think matter most. Like you, I thought I'd want to live in a city and I ended up in a small town near where I grew up.

    1. Also- you are so very cute in that dress! Can't believe I forgot to mention. Love the print.

  3. I too thought I wanted to be a city girl, but I quickly realized I missed the quietude of more rural life. I'm glad you sound so accomplished and happy with your life. These photos were way too cute. I love the print <3