Friday, July 11, 2014

Swinging the Day Away...

We have this little playground close to our house. Sadly, in over two years of living in our home, this is my first time at the playground. I suppose it's justified, seeing as we don't have kids, but sometimes being a big kid is a must. Dominic decided to go skateboarding at the park, so I thought that'd be a fun change for the blog!

romper: forever 21 (old)
belt: from a dress
sunglasses: amazon
necklace: gift

This romper is one of my favourite summer outfits. I wear it all.the.time. Usually when we're going to the cottage or beach, with a swimsuit under it. I can't believe this is the first time I'm posting it! It's a bit more 70s that I normally wear, especially paired with the Swedish Hasbeens, so I tried to 50s-it-up a bit with the sunglasses and flower. Normally I wear it with a bandana, which also gives it a more pinup feel.

I have to say, I feel like I've been posting only wedding-ish stuff lately! First my shoes, now these sunnies... not to mention wearing this necklace in both recent posts, which was a wedding gift from Dominic! (I'll have to post a better photo of it soon, it's SO pretty!). It's nice to be able to use some of my wedding day items again, but even more so, to wear them at all! I had them for so long, just waiting to be worn on the big day. I'm not one to buy something and set it aside. I almost always wear new items immediately. So it feels like eons that I've been waiting to wear my new stuff and share them!! I know I should probably hold off posting them, so that everything is that much more special when I show the wedding portraits... but that'll still be another month or two. I can't possibly be expected to wait that long, can I??

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  1. You look too, TOO adorable Jana. Love this romper on you. Also- I agree that it is great you are able to reuse so many items from your wedding over again!

  2. This is SO cute on you. I feel like I have a similar F21 romper, but it has red accents, I think. Yours is definitely cuter, though. So summery!

    xox Sammi

  3. You look so cute! I love Forever 21! Girl you can talk and wear anything from your wedding and blog about it as much as you want!


  4. So, so cute!! And your hair is a beautiful color and styled so perfectly for this look!

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  5. That romper is adorable! The color is so stunning on you. I love how you made it look more 50's with styling too.

  6. You look adorable! Ive never owned a romper, I feel like they wouldn't work on me but they look incredible on you. Plus I love all the little accents you gave it and I honestly would never say 70's definitely more 50's.