Thursday, July 10, 2014

Housewife Home Sweet Home...

Home Sweet Home indeed! These shoes were my wedding shoes and they were such a great purchase. So many people buy shoes they can only wear for the big day, or other formal events... but really, who has that many formal events to go to? I wanted these shoes. I needed these shoes. They were *perfect* for our backyard wedding! But the best part? Wearing my special-day shoes again and again. (Not to mention they also match the style of our house so well!)

dress: ruche (old)
shoes: miss l fire
scarf: thrifted
belt: from another dress
necklace: gift

These shoes. I mean really, they are gorgeous. And incredibly comfortable! They are just so cushion-y!! They were perfect shoes for a wedding day, but they're also super practical for everyday wear! Definitely an incentive to buy more Miss L Fire's, that's for sure! 

 Hendrix also decided to hop in for some true "Home Sweet Home"esque photos. Our furkids are snuggle-bugs, so I love when they decide to partake in my blog. Hendrix normally opts to wander around, and maybe just show his bum in the background (which I try to crop out), but there's the times when, if I'm sitting, he'll come sit with me. 

 I also have to add that I bought this dress two years ago, as it reminded me of a 50s housewife style of dress. I chose it for my first post-wedding outfit post for just that reason. I pictured wearing this dress while in the kitchen, baking some sweets. That's actually exactly what I did this week, in this dress. I'm so excited to be Dominic's wife, and just have that title, "Wife." I feel very house-wifey in this outfit, with our home in the background, and snuggles with our boy.

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  1. Congratulations again! You look so happy and beautiful!


  2. Lovely, sweet photos!! Congrats again, my dear friend. <3

    xox Sammi

  3. It is fun to be able to say "wife" and "husband" now isn't it?

    Those shoes are darling; hadn't noticed the home sweet home on their toes!

  4. You look gorgeous and I love these photos. It sounds like such a sweet, lovely time you are having!