Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Winter Wednesday: Two

Today is the second of my Winter Wednesdays, and it's an exciting one for a few reasons: 1. Today is November 12th. The first day of Christmas Season in our house. That means I'm decorating the house as we speak! 2. Today's dress is courtesy of eShakti! 

Dress: c/o eShakti
shoes: Ruche (old)
pearls: gift
earrings: gift (kate spade)
belt: forever21
tights: leg avenue via Rowena

A little about eShakti, in case you aren't familiar with the site... It's an online women's clothing shop. They have a great variety of dresses, skirts and tops. What makes them different from other shops? You can customize almost every item! Change the sleeve length or style, the length of a skirt, the neckline... You can tweak an item to be perfectly how you want it to be!

When they contacted me and offered me the chance to choose an article of my choice, I was beyond excited. There were several I liked and was tempted to try, but in the end, I chose an item I actually needed: a little black dress. I do have one other little black dress, but it's sleeveless. While I love the dress, sometimes I prefer to cover my arm tattoos, and I was looking for a good dress for some time. So when I spotted this one, I knew this was the one to try.

The original dress had shorter above-the-elbow sleeves, and a knee-length skirt. I opted for longer sleeves, to cover my forearm tattoo. That was the whole point of the dress after all.  I also opted for the longer skirt. It's longer than my usual look, but I've been wanting a mid-calf dress. The few inches longer seems to just add to the elegance of the dress. It reminded me of Betty Draper.

 I laughed after I ordered my dress... I didn't realize it at the time, but v-neck, 3/4 sleeves with button accents, crossover bodice, full skirt... it was essentially my wedding dress style, but in black! Clearly, this style is a style I like!

So here it is, dress review time, and I will be completely honest with you on this dress. Pros: I love the style and the overall look. The length and sleeve length are exactly what I wanted. The puckered sleeves were a surprise, but I like the added feminine detail.  I also like that there's a snap where the bodice crosses over. I would have expected it to be sewn, but it isn't. The dress is also extremely flattering and slimming. Who doesn't love when that happens?? Cons: The above mentioned snap... it's a great idea, but it's flimsy (it's possible I just have a lemon for a snap). It unsnapped multiple times while I was getting in or out of the car, and just walking. I'll definitely either get a stronger snap, or just have it sewn.   My big disappointment is with how easily the fabric wrinkles. I ironed it before leaving the house, and it wrinkled this easily just in the car. If I decide to pack it for business trips, I'll definitely have to have it steamed while I'm there.

Another note, not really a con, but just for you smaller-armed ladies out there: the sleeves are too big, but I'm not surprised. I tend to have to alter sleeves often, so I don't mind that I'll have to with this dress as well.

While I may not wear the dress for business trips, I will definitely wear it over Christmas, styled just as I styled it here. Gold and pearls, with emerald green shoes. I'd also like to get a fuller petticoat for this dress (and in general). I think that would've made the look *that* much more Betty Draper.

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  1. Jana, you look beautiful (your hair!!), and this dress is great. It'll be perfect for these cold winters!

    xox Sammi

  2. Very belatedly... I adore this dress on you and can see that it will do well over the holidays. I often contrast shoes with a black dress and yours work brilliantly. And of course I love that you have your seamed tights out again - always my fave! Kx

  3. You look so...classy and classic in this! It is too bad how badly it can wrinkle but this dress really does look great on you. It is also neat to hear a bit more about the process of asking for alterations on eShakti dresses. It always seems like on of the big things that sets the company apart but few bloggers (erm, myself included) do in fact as for alterations.