Tuesday, November 01, 2011

animal love...

being an animal lover, every sad story i hear brings tears to my eyes. i wish i had the ability to adopt every animal in need of a loving home, because my fur babies are my loves. unfortunately, that's not realistic. but helping is.

there was a recent seizure on yet another puppy mill in the province. the animals have been split up between many of the shelters, trying desperately to find home for these fur balls.

if you're looking to add some fur love to your family, please help one who needs a loving home. my family adopted jack, our bernese/golden mix, and he's a dream. all of my future animals will come from shelters.

i'm sharing some links, hoping you can help in some way.
anything helps.


Gloucester SPCA
Restigouche SPCA

for the full scoop on this sad sad story, check out CBC news.

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