Wednesday, November 02, 2011

happy hump day...

dress, scarf, tights, shoes: ruche, necklace: birthday gift from melissa

i stole this outfit from ruche here

happy hump day... a phrase i hear often, but never really feel. sure, it's the middle of the work week, we're almost back to friday, but the middle isn't the end, and there's still 2 more days to go!
today was a happy hump day. i finally have a reason to say it.
i have some new projects to help with coming up at work, and i love learning new things. especially interesting things! i've had a rough week, and today, things are looking up, and i'm seeing the glass half full again.
it's a good feeling.
i've missed it.



1 comment:

  1. tell me about your new projects, sounds exciting!

    looking great in that outfit!!