Thursday, November 03, 2011

the return of brutus...

top, belt, shoes: ruche
dress: c/o ruche
tights: we love colors
watch: guess
cameo necklace: gift from melissa


when i lived in montreal many moons ago, i developed the nickname 'brutus'... the fact being that my best montreal friend (who's from NL), chris, was probably a good 5" shorter than i am. this tiny little bubbly thing. and next to her, i felt, and looked, like brutus. from popeye. flattering, i know.
this is how i feel again today, taking pictures in front of my love seat. i feel ginormous, in the height sense. it probably doesnt help that my tripod is broken, and so the camera is angled up at me, and not level... hence making me appear even larger!
(note to self: buy new tripod)

however, these awkward pictures are fitting, as it's awkward and awesome thursday!


- that lovely dover shift dress i wore yesterday?? its adorable. i love it. i actually wore it two weeks ago. with light blue undies. seemed acceptable when i looked in the mirror in my bedroom. however, the mirror at work, under brighter lights, was a completely different story.

- having to ask your pharmacist, who's one of your best friend's older sister, birth control advice.
fun times.

- the shirt i have on. it has several snaps in the back. they like to periodically unsnap during the day. the hard to reach ones.

- the happy birthday song. and everyone singing it to you. and staring.

- the holes in my closet doors where there should be hardware! i hated them, took them off with every intention to replace them, and haven't... it's been about 6 years... oops!


- birthday cake! and birthday cake! and a third birthday cake!! and the fact that birthday calories don't count, and so i had large portions of all three cakes.

- vintage cameos. and that my bff bought me the prettiest 1940s cameo ever. love.

- the fact that michael kors was established the same year i was born... and so i think it's a sign that i should buy more. (i like to justify unnecessary shopping)...

- cunard restaurant chinese food... it's to die for. and the fact that my parent's picked up a huge scoff of it yesterday on their drive back from moncton. i'm tempted to go to the miramichi this weekend just for more. so yum.

- bath and bodyworks christmas scents. i love them. 'tis the season is basically what christmas normally smells like in my parent's house... and now it's bottled! amazing.

happy thursday!
(tomorrow's friday!! booyah!)



  1. lol @ brutus...
    my tripod is also broken! sad face

  2. Hey, Jana - I'm dying to buy this lace top, but Ruche told me they aren't able to restock more. :( Would you be willing to tell me the name on the clothing label so I can try to hunt one down? Thanks so much for your help!