Tuesday, November 01, 2011

new album tuesday...

dress & cardi: ruche, tights: we love colors, shoes: lulu's, necklace: etsy


this is the second week in a row an album came out that i'm uber excited about. florence and the machine just released their new album, ceremonials. i'll admit, i hadn't heard many of their old songs, but one loved to lodge itself in my head, and i really didn't mind! so, when i saw the new album was being released today, i set a reminder, and purchased it first thing this morning. there's a whopping twenty-one songs on it! i don't remember the last time an album had more than 12! seriously, $13.99 for 21 songs?? that's a steal. verdict? i'm loving it so far. but this is coming from a woman who's listened to nothing but christmas songs (from a very she & him christmas) for the past week straight...

it's november first... 11 more days until christmas officially hits this house. we've always waited until after remembrance day (more on why on Remembrance day itself)... but i'm quite excited for christmas this year. i'm looking forward to decorating, snow, and listening to my music without people looking at me like i'm looney!!

happy tuesday all.
and happy november 1st.


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