Sunday, January 22, 2012

birthday drinks!

 i almost forgot what it felt like to not be in lace, frills and florals.  i bought this dress about a year ago, and have only worn it once.  i now have a new rule that when i go someplace on weekends, i need to wear non-work outfits.  well, that's what i attempted last night for melissa's birthday celebration!  we went out for drinks and dinner, so i wanted to spice up my regular look a little.  it was a difficult task!

 i enjoyed the banana split martinis a tad too much, and had three.  i know that doesn't seem like many, but for someone who rarely drinks... needless to say i was a chatty and giggly like a school girl all night.  and then home and in my pj's by 9:00 pm.  we're wild.

melissa loved her prezzie, michael kors sunnies to match her watch!  :)
so happy she liked them! i was a bit stressed.  sunglasses aren't the easiest item to buy for someone when they aren't with you to try them on.  however, had she not liked them, i would've been okay with that.  new sunnies for me! 

           dress, belt: ruche
           boots: aldo
           tights: we love color
           necklace: gift
           watch: guess


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