Sunday, January 29, 2012

canadian eh?

 saturday was supposed to be a road trip day to the trews concert... mother nature had a different plan.

we had a huge snow storm friday night.  while saturday turned out to be a beautiful, sunny day, the roads were still terrible when i attempted to make my departure.  i ended up going for a snowshoe hike with my mother to our cottage.  it wasn't very far, but it was definitely a good test run with our snowshoes santa brought us this year!

while we love our cottage in the summer, there's a lot to be said for beach front in the winter.  growing up on the coast, we often take this beauty for granted.  seeing the snow blend into the water and sky, the colours so subtle... its breathtaking.

sights like this definitely motivate me to head out on the snowshoes more often!  pretty much whenever we don't have the -30 windchills!

we stopped in front of the cottage for a few pics.  i'm planning on having some instagram magnets made for the cottage, and compiling a printed of book of cottage photos over the next year.

after the pics, mom was ready to head back.

a few more photos, some under the trees.  our cottage location is gorgeous, with beachfront property, and trees and fields all around it.  

leading the way for mom to follow.  cutting the trail is the hard task.

the freshly fallen snow from the storm the night before.

 our snowshoes, drying on the deck.

just another reason to love our canadian winters.


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