Tuesday, January 24, 2012

when it's warm outside, i've got the month of january...

so, does anyone else find this weather a tad bit intimidating?? i'm not a fan of this wonky weather... it's warm, it's freezing, there's crazy wind chills, -30s temperatures, barely any snow, a snow storm, freezing weather, then rain and + temps?? what? this is NOT typical eastern canada weather in january.

 i'm a true blood canadian.  i like winter.  i like snow.  i like tooques, and scarves, and i have several parkas and coats and a snow suit to play in the snow.  but the fact that i love winter isn't even the reason this is bothersome to me.  i feel like mother nature is rebelling.  it seems like these changes are pretty drastic, and not happening over millions of years, but just a few... 

 not to mention, for those of you who don't get snow... snow + rain + warm temperatures + back to cold temperatures... that equals ICE.  lots and lots of ICE.  which, even with grippy uggs and walking slowly... it's dangerous.  i could barely close the patio door today.  i kept slipping when i would push on it.  

so basically, what i'm saying is...

          dress, scarf, earrings: ruche
          cardi: aerie
          tights: american apparel
          shoes: aldo
          necklace: gift

mother nature, please let winter be winter. 

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1 comment:

  1. i don't mind the wonkiness, as long as the -30+ stays away!