Monday, January 30, 2012

my first luxe box...

 my january luxe box arrived today!  my very first luxe box...

how adorable is this personalized sticker? made just for me! hells yea!

okay, so it was packed much prettier than this, but I ripped into it way too fast to think of taking pictures... 

 curl keeper.  my bonus for the month.  i would've prefered the benefit product, but alas, i missed it.  this should come in handy in the summer though! 

 a little pamphlet describing what's in my luxe box!  all of the products, with prices for full sized items.
handy to have in case anything is a winner!

 this was in the white bath and body bonus box!  haven't tried it out yet, but this alone is over the price of the whole box!

seatle's best coffee... i have to admit, while i like having a coffee sample, a keurig k-cup would've definitely been more useful.  i don't have a coffee maker, so this isn't going to get tasted by me :(

shampoo & conditioner samples, AND bonus optimum points if you go buy it at shoppers!  that's a sweet bargain if this product is a keeper!

lots and lots of perfume samples! 

 nyx lipstick and eye pencil!  melissa tells me this pencil is pretty awesome.  we'll see :)
the liptsick is frosty, and i'm more of a matte/gloss gal, so i'm not sure how much use this will get.  a little disappointing, because when i saw the colour on the bottom of the tube before opening it, i was pretty excited.  the frost was a let-down.

oh look! the box does have an end to it... i was thinking it was bottomless for a while!

overall, i'd say it's definitely worth the $12, and i love having new testers and samples to try.  while it's not my favourite after seeing reviews of the past luxe boxes,
i'll cross my fingers February's is more my style!


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