Thursday, February 02, 2012

geek girl...

 did i mention i need reading glasses?  apparently 30 means falling apart...

just kidding!  i had reading glasses when i was in university as well.  my eyes strain too much when i'm reading/working at the computer for long periods of time; i feel them pulling, and it results in headaches.  so back to a light prescription i went.  just to help my eyes to relax a bit.  7.5 hours a day working at a computer, plus reading at night has it's toll on my eyes.

so with that, i ordered three pairs to try, all ray bans.  only one of the three ended up coming in, with one pair being discontinued, and them making a mistake and sending the wrong pair in lieu of one of the ones i chose...

these are the two pairs i received... can you take a guess as to which i actually wanted to try? and which i ordered??  i actually posted a collage with both pairs on my facebook to get people's opinions. i was surprised.  23 female votes for the the pair to the left.  1 female vote and about 8 male votes for the right!  

which pair did i choose??


the left.  after trying them on in comfy clothes and my hair up, they were definitely the winners.  i didn't even like the other pair, so i was surprised when they got votes!  very un-me.

my glasses arrived on monday, so here's some photos of me sporting them at work this week!

i quite like them.



  1. Aww, super cute! I don't need glasses supposedly but I've definitely felt the strain on my eyes here in college. Being an English major = reading lots and lots of little print.
    But those glasses really suit you :)