Wednesday, February 08, 2012

i love me some swappy twirls!

pretty much the perfect twirling outfit.  it twirls perfectly, with a little bit of sheer-nesss.  hello girly, flowy twirl.  oh, how i've missed you.

i know, i've been 'slacking' with the posts this past week.  it's not that i haven't thought about writing and completely forgotten my blog.  it's that i've been busy after work.  since starting back on the treadmill, i'm back to feeling starved by suppertime, so when i get home, i'm immediately on the treadmill.  and honestly, you do NOT want me posting blog photos post run.

 in other news, melissa and i had a wii & wine night on saturday with our mamas.  a post will follow later this week.  yes, we actually took pictures.  sometimes for two bloggers, we actually *forget* to take blog pictures.  are these pictures "blog" pictures? no. they're actually embarrassing pictures.  but, as bloggers, it's our duty to post them, right?  (you need to agree with me so that melissa forgives me for posting embarrassing pictures of us!!).

other exciting tidbits:
i LOVE these glasses.  no more headaches at work! well, almost none.  but definitely no more pulling eyes! it's amazing what a light Rx can do for you! 
this weekend: star wars 3D! granted, it's episode I, which is my least favourite (Anakin kind of annoys me as a child)... but, lasers and light sabers in 3D? yes, i need to see it.  my mom is actually excited about it too.  apparently she's a closet geek! i'm so proud.
and finally: the sun was still up for pictures!  past 5:00pm! it's happening folks... daylight is staying!

          top: ruche (swapped with melissa)
          skirt, shoes, earrings: ruche
          tights: we love colors
          watch: guess

a very happy hump day to ya!
(said in my "top o' the mornin to ya" voice)



  1. Aww I love a good twirly dress/skirt. Adorable :)

  2. lova lova loveeee that outfit on you!
    maybe you will have to keep that top!