Monday, February 13, 2012

a very girly post indeed...

love day is tomorrow.  it's been years since i've had "an other half" on love day.  normally, i'm bitter, because everyone who has someone asks me what my plans are... (my plans are always non-existent), then they proceed to tell me what their plans are.  ya know, something mushy.

honestly, even when i had a boyfriend, i still wasn't big on valentine's day.  i saw it as an excuse for slacker boyfriends to be lovey one day out of the year, because that's the day that is actually set aside to show the one you love just how much you love them.

this year, however, is a different story.  i decided to embrace it, and spread the love.
while yes, it's a day that couples can be mushy to the extreme, it's also a day filled with girly colours, lace, frills, flowers... which are things that i love!  

i spent the better part of yesterday baking some yummy treats to bring to work tomorrow.  cherry chip cupcakes, in a variety of vintagey liners.  i had some fun taking photos of them in some of my vintage plates and on crochet table clothes.  it was good timing, because the moment i was finished baking, coincidentally, the movie 'valentines day' was just starting on tv! 

i also went ahead and planned my love-day outfit.  seeing as i'm totally embracing it this year.  you can see a sneak peak of it on my instagram closet shot.  it's hanging on the door, which is what i normally do with my 'tomorrow' outfit.

on another topic, i've discovered something i love about instagram photos and finishes.  the fact that when you look at them, you really lose all aspect of time.

when were these photos taken?  yesterday? the 60s? 50s?

i think if we tossed these photos in with a stack of authentic 50s/60s photos, and asked someone who didn't know you when these photos were taken, that'd be their guess.

it'd be a fun game indeed.

on that note, i leave you, wishing you a very happy love day tomorrow, filled with kisses and hugs, treats and romance.  even if i'll be lacking the last tidbit.

here, have a cupcake.



  1. great pics!!!
    but even more delicious goodies! thanks for the love love yummies!

  2. Those look like very yummy cupcakes :) I'm tempted to bake something for tomorrow, but I already have a bunch of leftover goodies from my roommate's birthday and really shouldn't make anymore sweets. Have a lovely Valentines Day!