Wednesday, February 15, 2012

love day...

 a very happy valentine's day to you! 

i know, it's a day late.  i apologize.  i'd love to say my valentine's day was so incredibly romantic that i didn't get a chance to blog, but wow, is that so not the case.

this adorable outfit? that i had picked out for weeks?  i didn't actually get to wear it. as per my luck, i ended up being sick in bed.  it started monday night, and resulted in me staying in bed all day tuesday, in my pajamas... i eventually moved to the couch, and proceeded to watch one of my all time favourite movies, shag.

it's set in 1963, when four best friends go on a road trip to myrtle beach before they go off to college/get married... it was one of my favourite movies in junior high, that i used to watch at almost every sleepover with my besties.  it has cute outfits, awesome cars, cheesy punch lines ("this is the most fun" being one of the main cheesy lines!)... and lots of dancing!  i love it.

 on my sick day, i also attempted a threadsence hair tutorial.  i failed. big time.  i didn't attempt the fishtail, because i was already frustrated with just the pinning/tucking.  while i love my bangs, sometimes they can be the bane of my existence.  so uncooperative. 

          dress, top, belt: ruche
          shoes: aldo
          tights: walmart


and now, i leave you with two valentines.
the first, being 'jimmy valentine' from shag,
and the second, being an actual valentine... from the ones i gave out.

i hope you all had a fabulous valentine's day! 


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