Thursday, February 16, 2012

product reviews...

don't mind my hair.  i'm fully aware that it's disastrous.  but when i got home from work, i was in a rush to use the next hour and fifteen minutes of daylight outdoors, on snowshoes. so these pics were taken very quickly. and i must admit... this outfit? cuter in my head.  different tights/shoes probably would've made the world of a difference, but hey, fails happen. that's a very realistic part of trying new looks.

so the point of today's post: reviewing two items.
1. marc jacobs lola perfume, and
2. moroccan oil hair products.

let's get to number one.  i ordered this perfume as a 'just in case' birthday gift for melissa, in case she didn't like her michael kors sunnies.  i was a bit worried.  sunglasses are a hard item to buy for someone else.  but love them she did. so i was left with a decision: send this perfume back, or keep it for myself.  curiosity got the better of me, and i needed to smell it.  my first impression: woah grandma.  the floral smell was so overpowering, and not appealing to me at all.  most of my fagrances are more fruity, with floral undertones.  so this was extreme.  HOWEVER, i tried it on.  and it was completely different.  it was much subtler, and it's amazing with different lotions.  i'm a huge bath & bodyworks fan for lotions, so i loved mixing up my lotion fagrances with my various escada perfumes.  Lola is no different.  even with floral b&b fragrances, like country chic, carried away, and paris l'amour, it's still not overly floral!

the result:

it found a permanent home amidst my perfume lovelies.

2. moroccan oil hair products.


i started with the oil leave in treatment.  i opted for the 'light', as i tend to use it mostly on my ombre ends, which are extremely dry from the process.  i apply two pumps of the oil to my towel dried hair before drying/styling.   i love it.  it makes my hair much softer and shinier.  i've also used it a few times at night on my dry ends, brushed it in, and then washed it out the next morning.  i have very fine hair, so this helps with detangling.
i would definitely recommend this product.

next: moisture repair shampoo, conditioner, and weightless hydrating mask.

 for the price of the shampoo and conditioner ($46 a pop for the larger 16 fl oz), i'm not overly impressed.  the shampoo doesn't lather nicely, and i feel i need to use a lot to really wash my hair and scalp.  the directions also say to lather, rinse, and repeat.  which i think is a waste of product.  the conditioner is the opposite, whereas 1 pump is plenty.  i'm confused because i don't massage the conditioner into my scalp, i only run it through my hair and work into my ends... yet somehow i have a really hard time rinsing it all out, and i've had experiences where while drying my hair, it feels like there's still conditioner close to my scalp.  

the mask, which i'm currently using about twice a week, is great.  very hydrating, leaves my hair softer for a few days, and is easy to rinse out. definitely worth the money so far, and i'll update you as to my hair's condition over time, as to whether it actually helps 'repair' it.

i'll continue using the shampoo and conditioner.  for the price, i can't really just toss it.  however, my initial thought is that i would've been better to buy the fekkai shampoo and conditioner that i got to test out last month from my luxe box.  those left my hair shiney and smooth, feeling clean, and not gunky after washing.

and that's my review.  i hope that's helpful for anyone thinking of purchasing any of these items!



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