Monday, February 20, 2012

outside of the bubble...

i'm a very matchy-matchy person.  i normally pull colours from a pattern, mix it with neutrals, pull one less-noticebale colour for some pop.  that's just how i roll.  it might be the interior designer in me.  i normally don't wear a pattern and colours that aren't in that particular pattern.  it just isn't in my comfort bubble.

today, however, i was inspired, and i went outside my bubble.  melissa borrowed this top from me and wore it with her burgundy cords (see here).  it's a combination i never would have thought up, but it looked awesome, and it suited her.  so, i thought, why not try it?  i toned my version down with a camel skirt and shoes, a colour which is in the pattern of the top.  and i paired it with burgundy tights.  normally, i would've gone with black, to match the belt.  but here i am, taking a risk, outside of my bubble.  baby steps. i know.
          skirt, top, shoes, earrings: ruche
          tights: american apparel
          watch: guess


i love to twirl in this skirt.  sheer flowy skirts were just meant to twirl in.



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